How to get success in upwork

facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinrssyoutubePeople don’t know how to get success in upwork. Don’t worry friends. How to take my first online job on upwork? It is very simple. You are thinking , i am a mad. Trust me my friends, It depends some ideas like-Good Cover litter , Smart profile picture and others. On the other way, Some factors are most important for customers when Client choose a freelancer for their projects: skill test, rate, and good response.

Suppose, your experience is the crucial factor to complete the project successfully, but not for choosing you among other freelancers. When you apply for a job then it automatically means that you have experience to accomplish it. It is reality in the field of online market place.

If you struggle for a long time to get your first job/project on UpWork then you may contact these people who possible can help you. If you are interesting, you may email me.

Have a good feedback you must:

(a) Get a easy  project in small amount.

(b) complete your project attentively. And

(c) Submit your project to your client successfully.

Communication is the main point with your client. And first time submit proposal . Besides, the overview this is how you can explain a customer that you are the best one for this project. You have to understand your client need.

The cover letter should show the following:

  • you can copy with the task;
  • you fully understand the task;
  • you are Skilled and reliable person.
  • It’s must be related the circular.

You must maintain and flow in your cover letter. 

  • Include your experience/skill is what is required in the task.
  • Include you understand the topic. You may add Portfolio link.
  • Be sure that you read all provided materials and talk with clients on Simple professional language.
  • If the task describe a problem and client is seeking for a solution, you may describe it in general terms.
  • Understand to you client that you are interested in getting this particular project.
  • Refer to your portfolio to show that you already completed similar projects. Do it even if you do not have projects in portfolio, because you always can say that “dna” does not allow you to share more details.
  • Give customer the best cost you can and if you reduce it then explain why.
  • In some cases show you wiliness to accomplish a test job.
  • Guarantee the customer that you are an adequate person and will be able to do the job.
  • It must be professional and simple. You must not include unnecessary  sentence.
  • Here some cover letter below-
  • (1)

Dear sir,

“I  am to satisfy my client’s need and expectations.” My main goal is 100% accuracy in my work. I am better in Classified ad posting, Forum posting,  Data Entry, Web Researcher, Blogger Research, SEO  and Virtual Assistant? I am looking forward to apply my experience where I can learn and become a long-term, valued asset to the company.
I believe that I will be able to give anyone the best result for project.


  • xyz
  • (2)Hi,

“I  am to satisfy my client’s need and expectations in Back-linking & Forum posting, SEO .” My main goal is 100% accuracy in my work. Now i am working the same project. Already I have done  the same job successfully which you posted.  I am looking for opportunities where I can apply my expert skills and knowledge.

My work experiences have provided me constant update and development, and have enhanced my ability.



  • Go and grab.
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