Earn Money from graphic design easily.

facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinrssyoutubeEveryday online earning is being popular. Most of the people think that online earning is dream for a newbie.  But this dream can be true. If  you try hardly you may get success. Some days ago I submit a post in this site. There are some true online earning market place.  “Envato” is the best Australian site where you can sale your design. You can sale web template easily. But this site want skilled persons. Don’t worry friend. There is an another section of this site for newbie. They accept normal design. It is good news for newbie. The name of this site is /graphicriver.com/. Actually all market place of envato site is same rule specially inside and outside.

If you complete sign up in  one site, you will be all sites membership.Graphicriver is the best online earning market place for newbie because this site accept simple work like banner, template button, website background, icon, Registration & log in form, business card, newsletter and other different design etc.To create a design you have to submit this in this site. Then they select this design after check.

If this design is perfect on their eyes then they select a price this design. This design’s price depend on this quality. It can be $1 to $20. Then this site owner give 40% to 70% money to skilled designer. They give 40% to newbie. Firstly you think, it is little. Don’t worry it can be sold many times. If you sale $1 price banner 50 times. At the last time it is not bad amount , I think. This type of design is very simple. You can create this type of design in one hour. This design’s rule is very simple, you may create a design in a short time. You may use adobe Photoshop and illustrator design software. For newbie, At first flow design creation rules and conditions.

If you think that it is very difficult for me, Don’t worry friend, You may earn money from this site without design sale. It is possible by referral program. If you bring a new visitor by this referral links, you may earn money from this site.

Don’t waste your time friend. Go and earn money fast.

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